Introducing a new era of socialisation and responsible drinking - enjoy a night out and feel refreshed the next morning.
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Feel Refreshed The Next Day

Special moments in life should be celebrated. Introducing MYRKL, your pre-drinking supplement that helps you feel refreshed the next day.  Experience the memorable celebrations in your life without the unwanted morning-after repercussions. No Regrets!

MYRKL Capsules Has Been Designed To Support Your Social Life

MYRKL helps you feel refreshed the day after social engagements and responsible alcohol consumption.

MYRKL allows you to dive into the joys of your social life without compromising on your commitments the next day. Whether it’s an impromptu meetup with friends or a planned grand business celebration, MYRKL ensures that your spirit of enjoyment is never dampened. It allows you to feel refreshed the next day, to live in the moment, and to create memories.

A Ground Breaking Scientific Formula That Eliminates 70 % Of Alcohol Before It Reaches Your Liver1

MYRKL breaks down 70 % of alcohol in 60 minutes, eliminating the alcohol before it even reaches your liver. It may protect your liver. 1

Fermented Rice

Probiotic strains are friendly bacteria that live in your gut. Some are good at helping with digestion; others are like the body’s defence team, helping to keep harmful bacteria away. The AB001 in MYRKL contains probiotics strains and the main active ingredients Fermented Rice Bran*, L-cysteine, and Dextrin, which aid in stopping alcohol absorption before it reaches your liver.1

*fermented by Bacillus subtilis & Bacillus coagulans

Contains Vitamin B12.3

Vitamin B12 plays a critical role in the production of dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters that help regulate your mood. It can also improve focus and memory. Vitamin B12 helps you metabolise the food you eat into glucose, which gives you energy.4

Get ready to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, with MYRKL, your pre-drinking supplement, party essential, and social companion.

Note: The mentioned statistics are based on a clinical study involving 2 to 3 single shots of alcohol with no more than 40 % alcohol content.1

Common Questions

Why Should I Choose MYRKL?

Let MYRKL be your trusted companion in ensuring balanced and enjoyable social experiences, one celebration at a time. Feel refreshed the next day.

How Do I Take MYRKL?

When MYRKL is taken as a pre-drinking supplement:
Dose: Two capsules two hours before consuming alcohol.3

Who Should Use MYRKL?

MYRKL is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy their social life and feel refreshed the next day. It truly is your Pre-Drinking Supplement and your Trusted Social Companion!

Whether you are a young business professional, a responsible parent or a mature socialite, incorporating MYRKL into your routine can be a game-changer.

Safety Note:

While MYRKL helps in reducing the anticipated aftermath of drinking, we also promote responsible drinking. Always remember that safety comes first; never drink and drive.

Let MYRKL be your trusted companion in ensuring balanced and enjoyable social experiences, one celebration at a time. Feel refreshed the next day.

MYRKL – Pre-Drinking Supplement

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Designed for Your Social Life.

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1. Pfützner A, Hanna M, Andor Y, Sachsenheimer D, Demircik F, Wittig T and de Faire J. Chronic Uptake of A Probiotic Nutritional Supplement (AB001) Inhibits Absorption of Ethylalcohol in the Intestine Tract – Results from a Randomized Double-blind Crossover Study. Nutr. Metab. Insights. 2022;15:1-5. 2. Professional CC medical. Probiotics: What is it, benefits, side effects, food & types [Internet]. [cited 2023 Sept 27]. Available from: 3. Proposed Patient Information Leaflet. 4. Benefits of vitamin B12: Cardiovascular disease San Antonio [Internet]. [cited 2023 Sept 27]. Available from: